Edenton Street United Methodist Church Child Development Center provides 5-star quality care in a Christian environment for children 2-5 years old.  The Center’s curriculum is aimed at developing the whole child socially, individually, cognitively, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Center promotes learning through self-directed and creative play in a loving, safe, and healthful environment by forming a family of children, parents, professional staff and alumni. Building on its historical beginnings, the Center is committed to serving children from a variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and to cultivating its strength through diversity.



Our Mission

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Every child can learn. Children are like flowers; if you plant seeds and nourish them, they will blossom when they are ready. The time it takes to grow doesn’t take away from the beauty of the flower.  


-Tasha Adams, 4’s teacher

Our Staff

All of our teachers have completed Early Childhood Credentials I and II, as well as CPR and other safety credentials.

The CDC has become a Raleigh institution.  In the early 1970’s, several members of Edenton Street United Methodist Church began discussing the need for a high-quality Christian preschool in downtown Raleigh.  In 1973, the CDC was founded to address this need.  The CDC is a separately-incorporated entity that is supported by Edenton Street United Methodist Church. 

The North Carolina Star-Rated License program recognizes programs that have high educational and program standards.  The CDC has earned a 5-star rating, the highest available rating, in recognition of its excellent staff and program.


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